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Ideal for those who value flexibility and comfort in a workspace. Bring your laptop, sit at an open desk, and start working. No more planning your work schedule around cafe hours or beating your troublesome printer into submission.  Enjoy 24/7 access with amenities that support your business needs.


Ideal for those who want a space of their own. The reserved desk is all yours. Set up your own equipment or decorate to your hearts content while we keep it clean for you. You work really hard and we want to support that. So, we made the desk electrically adjustable and provide an ergonomic chair that will have your back thanking you. Enjoy 24/7 access and special amenities like a lockable filing cabinet.


The private office includes the same great desk, chair, and filing cabinet as the reserve desk, but is a whole room to yourself. Bring in other furniture as you need, and enjoy 24/7 access with a locking door.

Volume discount available. Booking a meeting room upon request

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