The first thing you'll notice when standing outside The Quarry are two blue awnings that say Inedo. That's us!

We usually build software products. Inedo is a global software company that creates productivity and automation tools to help other companies build software. It's pretty technical, but basically we're "the tech behind the tech".

Our growth plans changed. The pandemic changed the workplace for everyone, including us. Our plans to hire a couple dozen marketers and engineers to work from our Berea offices was no longer practical - so we had to change our plans. And now, we have a bit more space than we need. 

We wanted to build something different. The pandemic also brought all kinds of challenges, especially with human interaction and a work/life balance. This hit us all hard. Working from home while attending online meetings all day is fatiguing, to say the least. We're social animals, and interaction drives and inspires us. We wanted to do more than just return to our office.

We built The Quarry. Our vision is a flexible work environment that's both productive and interactive, and serves both the local community, as well as current and future Inedo employees.