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The Quarry is your office away from home. We've got the supplies and workstations to keep you productive, and there are a lot of great places within walking distance where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

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Productivity & Flexibility

The Quarry has everything you need in an office. Workstations with monitors, meeting rooms, supplies, printer/scanner, coffee/tea, and even equipment like keyboards/mice and laptop chargers that you can borrow. 

Come and go as you please, 24 hours / 7 days a week. Members get a key fob that will unlock the front and back doors.

We didn't skimp on desks and chairs. The desks are spacious, sit/stand units that you can lower and raise with the touch of a button. The chairs are truly phenomenal, ergonomic units that you could sit in all day. Not that you should.

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Places to Eat and Play

There’s ample places to eat and play within just a short walk from The Quarry.

And there's lots of other options including Giant Eagle, Dominos, Papa Johns, Three Girls Cupcakes, etc.

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Coe lake (pictured) is just a two minute walk from The Quarry. It's beautiful all year round, and Coe Lake is home to a variety of events in the summer.

Also great in the summer, the Metroparks and Wallace Lake  are just a seven minute walk away.

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